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We are currently in pre-production of our debut game, code-named Project Canopy. We want to build an experience that players will never forget, and we hope that you will take this journey with us.

In order to make this game the best it can possibly be, we will be relying on community feedback and participation the entire way. That means that we will be sharing our roadmap, ideas, concept art, all of it with YOU, so you know where we are headed.

 While we have a lot of vision for what this game can be, we want your input every step of the way. We will be building and utilizing tools that the community can use to vote on features and see which things are requested the most. Those votes will be a huge factor in what we build, so make sure you stay tuned.

Pre-Alpha concept art of Project Canopy – The Understory

A first person survival adventure where you are sent to conduct scientific research on an alien jungle planet. The planet is completely covered in a layer of vegetation so thick that we have no way of detecting what lies beneath the Canopy.

You are on your own.

The Canopy awaits.



“You are tasked with observing, surveying and documenting everything that you find on this planet. From our readings, there appears to be some kind of wildlife, both flora and fauna, beneath the Canopy. The wildlife will be the key to your survival, or doom, depending on how well you adapt to the environment. Once below the Canopy, explore the understory and make your way down to the forest floor, assuming there is one. You are likely to meet different types of creatures, obstacles hazards, and air qualities in each layer of the jungle. Do a thorough scientific report, and we might just let you come home.”

— General


“We are equipping you with the standard suite of military-scientific research blueprints so you can craft and build the necessary tools for this job. These include observation and data-gathering tools, buildings we’ve design to help you survive in a harsh jungle environment, and a basic exploration transport. We have scanned lifeforms below the Canopy, so it is likely that you will come into hostile contact at some point. However, since you are a civ, we cannot grant you military weaponry. If you come in contact with hostiles, you are to notify us, and we will release more blueprints to help you deal with the type of threat you face. I know this isn’t ideal, but you aren’t here on vacation, so don’t expect to be comfortable down there.”

— Chief Science Officer


“Keep your helmet on at all times so you can see your Heads Up Display, or HUD, which will allow you to keep track of your vitals. Oxygen, Hunger, and Thirst are your main three. Let any of those dip too low, and it’s going to hurt. There may be more stats that we need to monitor once we know the environment a bit better. Remember, plants, creatures, even the air around you can be dangerous. It’s up to you to figure out what’s friendly, and what isn’t. Monitor these things well, and you might just make it.”

— Personal A.I.

Sounds of the Canopy

“They told us we’d never forget what we would see out there.
They failed to mention the sounds will stay with you forever.”

— Audio Log: Unknown Surveyor

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